Thursday, August 20, 2015

One of those, “You never know what event may happen this day.”

Our postal carrier came in to our store today, harried. He had picked up a man’s wallet on the sidewalk. He had contacted his postal supervisor who told him bring it in to the branch at the end of the day. Nancy and I remarked, “Why don’t we figure out who owns it and phone him?” Although that did not match with Postal Service regulations the mail carrier agreed. Referencing the wallet owner’s driver license I looked him up in an old phone book. (Do you remember phone books?)
I phoned the number. A woman answered and said that the owner of the wallet was out in the neighborhood nearby riding his bicycle. We agreed to keep the wallet in a safe place (filing cabinet) until that man could pick it up from us.
About 20 minutes later the owner of the wallet, whose face matched the photo on the driver license that was in the wallet, entered the store. He was grateful. He wanted to pay us. For a phone call? We refused to take his money. He then decided to make a modest purchase. He left happy. We were glad to help him.
Later I wondered if the Holy Spirit was working on the gentleman by encouraging him to enter this religious bookstore. Who knows what change it may make in the wallet owner’s life?

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