Monday, September 22, 2014

Surprising poll results

What a surprise! The poll results were different than I expected.
Every couple of weeks or so I add a question on our website that visitors can use to express their opinions.
The poll question that ended today was, “Whose prayers are heard by God?”
The possible answers to choose from are shown here with their results:

God hears the prayers only of the faithful who have done good works.=  0%
God hears the prayers of all Christians, but only Christians. =  0%
God hears the prayers of Christians, Jews, and Muslims, but not of wiccans, atheists, and agnostics. = 0%
God hears the prayers of each person, every person, including the murderer, the terrorist, the street person, the abuser of family members, druggies, alcoholics, the terrified child, the scared adult, and the person on her/his knees in the pews. = 100%
We had more visitors answer this question that most others. And they all agreed!
I’m delighted that they did as well as surprised.