Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bob B.

I attended the celebration of Bob’s life today. He was quite a fellow.
For over 30 years he was self-employed as a supplier of office paper supplies for businesses in the Seattle area. Even though he “had no truck with organized religion” Bob lived the life of Christian service to others and had a big impact of everyone he met.

His family told stories to the overflow crowd about parts of Bob’s life that most of us did not know. As I remarked to another person on our way in to the event, “All these people. And I thought that I was one of Bob’s few friends through his business.” She replied, “Yes, me too. He had that effect on everyone.”

We were told that Bob had very few possessions and a huge heart for helping others. Making money was not important to him. Helping others was of utmost importance to Bob. By providing office supplies, his specialty was all sorts of paper products, to businesses he found that he could help others. Bob would go way out of his way to find and bring to you whatever paper product you wanted.

Learning more about Bob’s life was very inspiring today. He positively impacted the lives all that he met.