Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A glimpse of life by a faithful member of the Armed Services on a naval ship

This message arrived today. I’ve edited part of it for possible security reasons.

To; John (and crew)
From: Mark (aboard the U.S,S, ship name - deployed)

I wrote to you awhile ago before leaving on a 6+ month deployment for the US Navy. thank you and staff for a wonderful addition to my sea bag, a combination prayer book / bible.  I told you at the time that space being limited it was surely to be a treasure aboard.  While originally ordered from you, for personal use, it (the book) had turned into much more than that!.  You see ..on board services are non-denominational, but out of a crew of over 5,000 it had become the principle book of worship for a few of us 'hard-core' Episcopals.  Maybe 4-6 folks on any given Sunday use it for worship services on our own.  Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are lucky to have an hour or so each week to pray together!  Life aboard is challenging so stealing away this time for worship is important - quiet time (if you can call it that!) is VERY hard to come by.  We use the prayer book solely as it seems no one else thought to bring one along!  I even share it with my fellow crewmates so they can say their personal prayers throughout the week!  While her pages are quickly becoming frayed it makes it much more valuable to me personally!

Again, thank you for a wonderful addition to the Navy 'arsenel'  (lol)  and be sure to share this email with your staff.  The work you do is much more important at times than you can imagine!

I wish you, your staff, family and the world we live in Peace in Christ!,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A different view of us.

Have you viewed the image of Earth from the other side of Saturn taken by the NASA Cassini spacecraft this week?
You can view it here .

We are the dot shown above the arrow.

To think that the civilizations on that small speck in space can’t get along and are fighting and killing each other, from this view in space, is ridiculous. Come on, everyone, look around. We are all in this together. We are a small speck in the solar system. We just have to get along.