Monday, January 23, 2012

Will you sell to us?

A woman phoned today and asked about ordering a Parish Register to record baptisms in her congregation. She explained that her congregation is one of the Anglican churches that has pulled away from the Episcopal Church. Recently they have been told that the building belongs not to them but to the Episcopal diocese. They are setting up church on their own.

She asked if they would still be able to purchase merchandise, like the Parish Register, from us since they have severed their relationship with the Episcopal Church. I replied that we accept orders from other churches, even (with a grin) Lutherans, United Methodists, Roman Catholics, and others. I reassured her that if her congregation has a need for merchandise that we can supply we are glad to do it.

As our baptismal covenant states, “Respect the dignity of each person.”

Monday, January 16, 2012

Seattle snow

Due to the influence of the Pacific Ocean and the onshore weather systems Seattle usually experiences mild weather, not too hot in the summers nor too cold in the winters. The trade off is an abundance of clouds and moisture that arrives with the marine weather.

It’s been a couple of years since we have experience snowfall in Seattle. Last Saturday, after days of media hype, a light snowfall began.

Immediately the customers visiting our store disappeared. An hour or so later we told Daniel who had come in to help us on Saturday that he could go home even though the snowfall had stopped by then. An hour or two later some sun peaked through the clouds. We had perhaps three customers “brave” the improved weather.

Sometimes we refer to ourselves cynically as weather wimps. More likely we simply are not used to snowy weather. That, coupled with our numerous steep hills and overcrowded streets, makes for a city that does not handle this weather comfortably and encourages most individuals to have opinions about it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Feast of the Epiphany

So, I try again at this blog-thing. It’s been way too long. Advent and Christmas activities at our store used up my time and creative thinking. Christmas is past. Perhaps I can share some thoughts with you again.

The Season of Epiphany recognizes the days between Christmas and Lent. Here’s a memory. Many years ago when we lived in another community and had a set of close church-going friends we enjoyed a special Twelfth Night celebration. On the evening of the Twelfth day of Christmas, which was also the night before The Epiphany, several friends would gather at our home. We all would offer the left over Christmas goodies, including cookies, candies, and cookie-like things (home-made marshmallows, krumkake, and others) to share with each other. A recording of excerpts from Handel’s Messiah was played and we all sang along. It was a special way to mark the end of Christmas with our friends.

This week our son who is the Episcopal priest shared with us an event at his congregation for this the First Sunday After The Epiphany. One of the traditions of Epiphany is the celebration of the Magi, the three kings arriving to honor the baby Jesus. Grace Episcopal Church, San Marcos CA is urging its members to bring to the Sunday Eucharist service their family’s figurines of the three kings. All of the figurines will be displayed in the sanctuary as part of the worship service on Sunday. 

I love this sharing of the church families’ three kings at the Feast of the Epiphany. It will be fun for the worshippers to see the many variations and kinds of figurines. All who participate will feel included in a special way in the service. It will add a special festive atmosphere to the worship space. The result will be a memorable time of sharing during worship. Excellent!