Thursday, February 28, 2013


Okay. I can write on this blog again. The Busy Season had other activities for me, but now life in this ministry-which-is-the-store has calmed down.

Erin is an interesting and dear customer. She is located on the other coast of the country and phones us with book orders. Over the past year, without prying into her personal life, we have deduced that she is bed-ridden in a residential facility. A few days ago I asked her if the cherry trees were blooming yet. She replied that although the curtain is open, “they have not raised the shade yet.” She could not tell me if the cherries were in bloom.

On a regular basis Erin orders books, some new, and many out of print that I can find for her as used books. After several orders I inquired about her source for finding the titles. Erin replied that her source for the titles is from the bibliographies of the books that she has received from us. (Bibliographies are a treasure of titles that the authors recommend.)

Each of us looks forward to each phone call from Erin. The book orders are good, but better are the  brief conversations with a delightful, thoughtful woman.