Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bookstore sale status update

Here is my reply to a customer/friend’s inquiry about how the sale, or possible sale, for this bookstore is faring.
This ministry-which-is-the-store fits a small niche market. Working it, managing it, and owning it is quite a big commitment. We have had a succession of parties, mostly couples, interested in the prospect of owning it. It takes them extended time to discern their decision. Typically this means checking with family, friends, their priest (or more than one priest), their congregation, their diocese, their bank, the Small Business Administration, as well as the bookstore consultants that are helping us with the process, and with us. Further, if they are moving their residence to Seattle, they need significant meetings with realtors and more banks. In turn we have done due diligence with each party and have turned down a few that would not be a good fit. Currently we have more than one interested party that are working through their discernment. There is one that looks especially promising at this time.
I keep trusting that it will surely be in God's time.

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