Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Comments from a customer:

Comments from a customer:

I'm continuously amazed at the customer service y'all provide. I just ordered a couple of calendars this time, but I was treated as if it were a million dollar order. This is the rule, and not the exception. So many businesses could take a lesson from y'all. It's like y'all attended the Ritz Carlton classes in customer service.

I appreciate the wonderful treatment I receive every time I place an order.

I bet Episcopal Book Store is a wonderful place to work.

John's response:

Thanks for your compliments.
Nancy and I decided many years ago to simply offer the kind of service that we would like to receive from a store. As it turns out, for us and this ministry-which-is-the-store, it is not all that difficult to do and it certainly does make each day much more enjoyable. We go home feeling good.

Isn't this the way that we Christians are supposed to be treating each person we meet?

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