Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oops! Wrong author.

It was an interesting event yesterday. In our monthly newsletter that we E-mail to those who have asked to receive it, for one book’s description we included the wrong author who is a popular author with the same first name as the book’s author.

I received messages from a few of our newsletter readers pointing out the error of the author of the book. One of replies was from the author of the book. She reads our newsletters (obviously), and shops our online store. It was not difficult replying to the other writers who pointed out the error, but I took more time and thought falling on my sword in replying to the author whose name was mixed up.

In the end she seemed to take it well.

What can we do after we make a mistake in public? Try to not take it too heavily. Laugh some. Commit to being more vigilant in the future. Humbly share our human feelings with others.

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