Monday, April 14, 2014

A special relationship with an Episcopal Church Service Cross

Here is a description of a faithful serviceman's relationship to an Episcopal Church Service Cross as related to us by his wife.

My husband was a Methodist when we first married but soon was attending Episcopal services with me.  Before he went to Vietnam the first time, 1970, he told me he wanted to become an Episcopalian.  We were in Pittsburgh with my family and he would be leaving for Vietnam Nam from there.  My mother called Trinity Cathedral and asked if this was possible with only a few days before his departure and they quickly made the arrangements.  The Canon of the church confirmed him and gave him the Episcopal Service Cross.  He put it on then and never took it off.  Years later we were stationed in Italy.  He had always said that he wished the cross was in gold.  I took it to gold smith and he made a mold of the cross and then he made a gold cross.  It is beautiful!  Again my husband never took it off.  On October 3, 2013 he passed away.  He told me that he wanted it to go to our oldest grandchild.  Emilia was confirmed April 6, 2014.  I gave her the cross that she had played with as a small child around her Grandaddy's neck.  I don't think we could have given her anything that she values more.  If you only knew where that cross has been you would be amazed.

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