Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We are in the Spirit’s embrace.

It happened again, in the past half hour. A fellow who was unkempt and smelled strongly of alcohol visit us. He needed money he said, so that he could get to Canada immediately. A woman on our staff listened, but would not give him money.
He became belligerent that we were a Christian place and would refuse him money. A male staff member told him it was time to leave, repeatedly until he did leave.

Within the next few minutes we had three separate customers enter the store. They were shopping for different items. Mostly they seemed to just hang around and look the store over. Then, in turn each one purchased something, not big, just something.

It has been a quiet day with few customers. Why did three customers visit us just after we were shaken by the disruption of the man demanding money?

I think that the Holy Spirit has been embracing us this afternoon. I hope that she also embraced the disruptive man better than we could.

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