Saturday, February 1, 2014

A customer's faith-filled actions

This morning a customer shared with me about the pocket crosses that she carries with her. Perhaps you will appreciate her faith-filled actions.

A dear friend gave me one of these a few years ago and it touched me deeply. After I got the one from her, I found them online (at your store) and have carried several with me at all times. When a friend or co-worker has confided in me about a difficult time they are going through , I give them one of these. I don't always know if the person is Christian or not but it never seems to matter. They always seem a little less hopeless and a little more calm , when I place this in their hand and tell them I'll be praying for them.  
This latest order is because I depleted my stock ... The most recent one being given to my sister who is a relatively new Christian who is entering the workplace again in a high stress job after being on medical leave for quite awhile after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. God has been a huge part of her getting healthy. I pray that her heart will stay focused on God as she deals with the stress from this job and as she goes back into her old environment.

Thanks for helping me to share His light with the world!

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