Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spam. It can get us going and coming

Our monthly E-mail newsletter is ready to send, with just one little hitch. One of the new books that is featured is titled, Encouraging Conversation: Resources for Talking about Same-Sex Blessings, edited by Frederica Harris Thompsett. It is a book to assist the conversations within congregations about this important topic.
The Internet application which we use to publish our monthly newsletters through prides itself on protecting those who receive newsletters from unwanted messages and from spam and it is one reason that we work with them.
No doubt you can see it coming, the book’s subtitle contains the word “sex.” Spam filters are often set to treat as spam messages that contain words such as that. Before we could complete the newsletter, before we could send a test version to ourselves to verify that all was well with it, the newsletter had to first be studied by a live person at iContact.
I’m glad that iContact verifies for the recipients that messages from them are free from spam. I’m not quite so glad that our newsletter, even a draft of it sent to ourselves for verification, with a subtitle about same-sex blessings requires the delay so that a real human at iContact can view it and then allow it.

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