Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Five eager possibilities

Jackie on our staff gave us her resignation notice. She is moving on to other life adventures. We need another part-time staff member. Using our monthly newsletter to our local frequent buyers members we announced the job opening. Within four hours we had five responses of interest, four by return E-mail and one by phone. Nancy and I knew that we could not eliminate any one of them with the information we had at hand so we agreed to interview each candidate.

Do we really want to eliminate an enthusiastic college student whose major focus is a polar opposite from retail store clerk? Can we say for certain that the teacher who is retiring within the month is too old or too anything to be eliminated from consideration? What about the twenty-something college graduate who is trying to figure out what life holds next? Any one of these, or the others not described here, could be a very good fit for us when we look past our stereotypes.

We will take the time to interview each candidate. By paying close attention, and doing our homework on each one, hopefully we will find the best fit for this ministry-which-is-the-store.

As they used to say in old radio (that communication device without pictures to which you could only listen and not respond) broadcasts (the messages were sent wirelessly through analog signals from single point signal towers), “Stay tuned.”

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