Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Resurrection shows me God’s forgiveness

I realized this a few Easters ago, but it returns to me each Easter since then.

Jesus came into our world fully human and fully God to show us how much God loves us through his forgiveness of all our refusals to put God first in our lives. It wasn’t so much his death on the cross that shows me the depth of his love and forgiveness. It is in his resurrection. How many of us, were we tried unfairly, sentenced too severely, and tortured to death if we could return to this world would rain down revenge on each person that participated in our trial, torture, and death?

Jesus’ forgiveness of us after the Resurrection shows me how much God loves and forgives us for all of our egotism, self-righteousness, and lack of true love of God and true love of our neighbors as, or more so, than our love for ourselves.
Jesus shows us yet again by his actions. This time he shows us by his actions after the resurrection.

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