Thursday, September 15, 2011

A pregnant scene

Thelma visited the store yesterday. Among other catching-up conversation she shared this story.

Thelma’s daughter, in her 20s, is an actress. Presently she is in Los Angeles trying out for many acting jobs.

Thelma received an E-mail from her daughter with the subject line stating “I’m pregnant.” Of course that caught Thelma’s attention!

In the body of the message her daughter described that she landed a part in an episode of a TV series where she plays a pregnant woman.

Thelma’s next response as a mother, after recovering from the initial reaction to the pregnancy statement was with fright, “Do you get killed in that episode?” A mother does not want to experience her daughter being killed, whether in real life or as an actress. Her daughter replied saying, no, she was not killed and actually the good guys save her.

There is drama and even trauma waiting for us around every corner in life, or so it seems some days. Some are real and others are perceived to be real.

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