Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When does the season of Advent begin?

The season of Advent begins a week from Sunday, officially. We have had Advent and Christmas merchandise on display in our store for a most of this month. Filling orders for candles for Advent wreaths as the days are shorter and it’s dark when we leave the store in the evening is a warm feeling of lights in the darkness, of which Advent is a part. Each day the numbers of orders grows as we all prepare for the season of preparation. I ran across a radio station this week that is playing Christmas music 24/7.

So when does the season of Advent really begin? Stating that Advent begins on the First Sunday of Advent is like saying that a marriage relationship begins at the wedding. Oh, no it doesn’t. The wedding commemorates a relationship that has been growing. And, in good marriages the relationship will continue to grow and change as time passes and the years go by.

Did Advent begin when Nancy began ordering Advent and Christmas merchandise back before Easter? Did it begin when Julie lovingly used her talents to display the Advent and Christmas items early this month? I know that officially Advent is not yet here, but it doesn’t seem that way today in this ministry-which-is-the-store.

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