Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Three important couplets

A customer/friend, Wayne, who has become a friend-and-an-occasional-customer shared this description with me today.

The heart of the Christian story consists or three parts. These parts are irrepressibly tied to Good Friday and Easter.
1. Mercy and Grace
2. Dignity and Respect
3. Forgiveness and Reconciliation

When we omit, forget, or skip over one of the parts we do so at the peril of our faith.
My response consists of two responses.
I have not been able to put down Wayne’s description today and that informs me that it has importance (and so I share it here).

The other response is the realization that it is so very easy to forget, or skip over one of the parts of each couplet. I can demand Mercy without remembering, realizing, and accepting Grace. I can demand Respect without giving Dignity to the person(s) from whom I want respect. I can want Reconciliation without having to forgive. When I do or think these things, then it is a shallow event and I am the lesser because of my thoughts.

Three important couplets. Perhaps, hopefully, by writing them to you they will grow stronger in me.

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