Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lenten activities poll results

Our store’s website offers an ongoing opinion poll (on the first page, left side, near the bottom). I find the results interesting but can not share them with others because the website is not set up to do that. Our next revision of the site will most likely include the option to view the results of the previous polls.

The current poll asks:
What are you including in your Lenten practice? Pray more. Fast more. Read more. Attend more church events. Increae my involvement in good works.

Here are the results at this hour:

1. All of the above. 20% have responded with this answer

2. Some of the above. 40% have responded with this answer

3. One of the above. 5% have responded with this answer

4. Something other than those listed. 5% have responded with this answer

5. None of the above, I don’t “do” Lent. 30% have responded with this answer

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

I taught Sunday school at my Unitarian church one year, and the topic of the curriculum was holidays of the world. When we got to Lent and I explained that it's a "holiday" where you stop doing fun things instead of (like most holidays) doing extra fun things, they were incredulous. I asked them if there was ever any special reason that they gave anything up or did without anything, and they said No. These kids could use a little Lent.