Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some help for keeping up with General Convention 2009.

Are you curious, interested, fascinated, or urgently need some information and insight on the progress, events, and actions of the Episcopal Church’s triennial national meeting, General Convention, being held in Anaheim CA?

Here are some links to blogs from participants. Perhaps you can browse them and find one or two that “speak to you.”

From the Diocese of Olympia (Western Washington State) participants:

* Young Adult Deputy Katrina Hamilton
* Bishop Greg Rickel
* Diocese of Olympia deputation

From the Diocese of San Diego CA participants

Twitter links:


Offering one-stop shopping for worldwide coverage of General Convention, this site features video, audio slideshows, news stories, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, Flickr photo galleries and more. Visit it here.

Do you have other sources to suggest? Add them as comments or E-mail them to me and I will consider including them in this list.

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Sarah Mc said...

thanks , John. As a new Episcopalian, I am following the GC very closely.