Saturday, July 19, 2008

Soul of a dog?

I’ve been working with a person on the topic of body language. It has evolved to considering our space that surrounds us, extending out from us for several inches. You know, it is that space that when a stranger gets too close and makes us feel uncomfortable. That person may have, seems to me like “has,” pressed into the part of me that extends beyond my skin. I’ve been discussing with this friend whether that space around us is part of our soul that dwells in us. Sometimes it seems that our soul extends beyond ourselves, perhaps when we hold another person up in prayer to God.

A couple of days ago we were visited in our store by Ahngus, a Standard Poodle Service Dog. Ahngus was good enough to bring his other half, the woman who needs his Service. What a personality is Ahngus! He exudes a loving presence. Each of us was drawn to Ahngus as we walked about the store.

Why am I drawn to be near to Ahngus? I am not drawn to inanimate objects. What makes that dog special? Could it be? Could it be that Ahngus has a soul? Could it be that Ahngus has a soul something like ours, that extends out beyond his body and that our souls draw comfort when near the soul of Ahngus?

I don’t know.

There are some individuals to whom we are drawn more than others (pregnant women, babies, and some other adults). Is it that their souls extend beyond them in a very positive manner while other individuals’ souls are shrunk inside them?

This may be the usual realm of conversation for deep theologians. Mostly likely I’m far from reality on this topic (and many others!). But, it seems to fit me, and my theology, at this time.

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